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Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur, impact investor and philanthropist with an extensive track record of founding, advising and building socially conscious businesses that positively impact our world.

Business Owner
Technology Pioneer
Vermont Advocate

Early Life:

Philanthropist & Activist

Born into a middle-class home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a mother who was a preacher and a father who worked in construction, Brock developed a love for working hard and experiencing the great outdoors early in life. From tapping maple trees for maple syrup in rural Minnesota to working as a child-actor in The Mighty Ducks and First Kid, Brock realized his passion for working collaboratively with others to achieve great things. Inspired by his family’s long history in Vermont predating the American Revolution, Brock grew up with an awareness and love of the Green Mountain State, its forward-thinking history, participatory democratic values, and its important role as a pioneer in the U.S. and worldwide environmental movement.

Entrepreneur & Pioneer

At 16, Brock’s understanding of technology and its limitless possibilities motivated him to become an entrepreneur and eventually a leader in blockchain technology--a modern vehicle for the American dream. 

He is credited with pioneering the market for digital assets and has raised more than $5B for companies he has founded. Brock is also the co-founder of EOS,, Blockchain Capital, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, co-founder of Tether, and Mastercoin (first ICO).
Given his experience as a global pioneer in technology, Brock has advised world leaders and U.S. politicians on technology policy and economic development.

Brock has been a regular lecturer at Singularity University, and has spoken at Milken Global Conference, Mobile World Congress, Wired, INK, Stanford University, USC, and UCLA. His lifework has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, Wired,
and Rolling Stone. 

A prolific philanthropist, personal experience has led Brock to become an advocate for due process and rule of law with a focus on an efficient, fair, and coherent justice system as the cornerstone of democracy. As founder of the Brock Pierce Foundation, his philanthropy focuses on the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Center for Individual Rights, the Brennan Center for Human Rights, as well as, the arts and cutting-edge research in medicine and mental health.

Brock holds two Honorary Ambassadorships in South Korea related to his international leadership in technology. He is the President of Kumoh National Institute of Technology which helps female entrepreneurs advance in the technology industry. At University of Puerto Rico College of Engineering, Brock helped found programs in intercultural exchange.
Witnessing the decline of the American dream provoked by the widening gap of wealth and social inequality, in 2020 Brock ran as an Independent candidate for U.S. President in order positively transform our nation and planet. Recognizing the polarization that is dividing us, Brock ran on a platform to heal and reunite our country through concrete solutions to better our collective future.


Returning to his family roots, Brock moved to Vermont not just for its beautiful mountains and world-renowned agricultural and craft goods, but because he sees Vermont as a state with incredible potential. Aware of Vermont’s unique history as an independent democratic Republic, the first sovereign state to abolish slavery and a historic leader in environmental conservation and sustainability, Brock has developed a concrete action plan to grow Vermont’s economy and leadership role in America and the world. Utilizing his experience and relationships in the technology and venture capital sectors, Brock is currently working to bring new capital investment, startups, existing businesses and thousands of high-paying jobs to Vermont.

Equipped with years of experience in developing broadband, communications and technology infrastructure in developing nations around the world, as a Vermonter and technologist, Brock has launched an unprecedented initiative to upgrade Vermont’s communications infrastructure. Through this initiative, Brock aims to bring broadband and cellular service to every Vermonter. This will improve the lives and connectivity of Vermonters while also creating a business environment that will attract new companies and jobs to the state.

As a technology innovator with a background in deploying technology to improve efficiency, transparency and sustainability in agriculture, Brock is working with local farmers and producers to improve Vermont’s agricultural and craft-good industries. Seeing Vermont’s status as the smallest economy (measured by GDP) in America as a challenge and an opportunity, Brock is dedicated to growing our state’s economy to benefit the lives of every Vermonter.


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Seeing Vermont’s vast potential and the partisan gridlock in Washington that works to prevent our elected representatives from collaborating and solving our greatest challenges, I am running for US Senate in Vermont as an Independent.

As Vermont’s representative in the US Senate, I will advocate on behalf of each Vermonter to ensure that every voice is heard and each person and group has seat at the table.

Utilizing technology and innovation to secure our collective enjoyment of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

Life - Technology provides innovative medical preventions and solutions to help us live better, longer lives.

Liberty - Facilitating transparency, collaboration, global and local interconnectivity, and creating new economic opportunities, technology can secure and expand our collective liberty.

Pursuit of Happiness - Technology is a tool that can be used to help us stay more connected and work together to share and create new ideas and media. 

I will push forward the solutions that are needed to create a better world for our communities and for future generations. 

I will work to ensure that our world’s technology transformation democratizes opportunity and expands inclusion to benefit all people. 

Grounded in the principles of transparency, service, and accountability, I will labor for our government to work for all of us, not just the elite.