They're actually the same animal.

In the presidential election of 1824, the Democratic-Republican Party fielded 4 candidates. Among them were Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams.

Although Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, he lacked an electoral majority. This resulted in the House of Representatives voting to decide who would hold the office of President. They chose John Quincy Adams, who had come in 3rd place.

This led to the splitting of the Democratic-Republican Party into the Democratic Party and the National Republican Party. As a candidate of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson easily won the presidential election of 1828 and led to the creation of what would seem to be a two-party system of government. The National Republican Party later became the Whig Party, which acted as the bridge to the official founding of the Republican Party in 1854.

This series of events is what led to the illusion of two distinct American political parties. Yet, it's always been an illusion. There is only one American political establishment in power. The "two party system" that has ruled the United States of America for the past 200 years is simply an externalized display of the infighting of a single political establishment.

This isn't news to lobbyists, interest groups, and career politicians; however, it is news to most Americans.

It's time to burst the bubble.

We are not in this election to rob anyone of votes; we are in this election to put an end to the illusion that we live in a flourishing democracy that facilitates solving the real problems facing Americans each and every day. We don't need to win every state to effectively win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. We need to win enough states to ensure that no candidate has a majority of votes in the electoral college. Just as it did in 1824, in 2020 the highly divided House of Representatives has the opportunity to compromise by choosing the one candidate that can unite America in service to all Americans: Brock Pierce.

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