• American government has engaged in deficit spending at all levels and incurred massive debts that are stealing resources from current and future taxpayers.
  • Many Americans have been forced into debt because of how unfairly our government and economy treat the poor.
  • Lenders have preyed on the most vulnerable among us, including our students and those living paycheck to paycheck.


  • We will re-architect America’s economic and fiscal policies to benefit all Americans, rather than borrowing for the benefit of the elite.
  • We will balance America’s budget for the benefit of future generations.
  • We will implement regulations that open the financial markets to innovation that will provide alternative lending solutions.
  • We will work to end deficit spending and begin the process of eliminating the federal debt.


America’s extremely high levels of debt contribute to economic volatility and inequity while reducing our resilience as a nation. With unprecedented levels of consumer, corporate, and national debt, our country is experiencing a major debt crisis in need of effective government action. By choosing to focus on satisfying the interests of corporate lobbyists, the two-party establishment has neglected the needs and future of the American people.

America’s economy remains the largest in the world. However, our status as the leading global economy is at risk. With the rise and consolidation of competing economies in places like China and the European Union, America is at a crossroads. We can continue on the path we’ve been on by electing representatives of the two-party system, continuing the current cycle of government dysfunction and division. Or, we can elect independent, visionary, and effective leaders with action plans to solve the problems we face as a country.

Our campaign is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through effective policies that will increase the net worth and quality of life of every U.S. citizen. A necessary step to achieving this is fixing our nation’s debt crisis. Through responsible fiscal and economic policies, we will strengthen the American economy to benefit all of our lives and the lives of future generations.

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