Our Position

As it has become increasingly inexpensive to launch rockets into low-Earth orbit and beyond, it is increasingly important for America to address the use of outer space by corporations and countries. Numerous artificial satellites are continuing to be placed in orbit around the Earth, increasing the likelihood of cascading impacts of debris that could render transportation beyond Earth’s atmosphere dangerous and potentially catastrophic. Other countries have advanced their national space programs with new landings on the Moon and other celestial bodies. Greater cooperation is needed to address threats to Earth posed by solar flares and potential asteroid impacts.

I am committed to:

  • Continue the development of international space law to ensure a cooperative framework for activities by countries and corporations beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Develop treaties to ensure that national sovereignty outside of previously designated countries is limited to facilities that house residents of those nations for the duration of their residency.
  • Develop treaties that support international cooperation in all non human-occupied areas of outer space, inclusive of planetary defense measures.
  • Develop and begin implementing a cost-effective plan of action to minimize the threat of debris in orbit around the Earth.
  • Maintain effective American military capabilities beyond Earth’s atmosphere (Space Force) until such time that international cooperation in outer space obviates the need for any military presence outside of our planet’s atmosphere.
  • Support the colonization of outer space on the basis of international cooperation, so as to further the development of advanced technologies in service to all human beings.
  • Support the mining of asteroids, in order to prevent ecological damage due to mining operations on Earth and minimize the scarcity of valuable chemical elements.
  • Support the proliferation of businesses providing products and services related to outer space, so as to avoid monopolistic behaviors by both businesses and government.
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