Our Principles

Five core principles to unite us as Americans


Our inalienable rights, as stated in the United States’ Declaration of Independence, are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The core of these rights is human liberty, the freedom to live a happy and thriving life. In my campaign for President of the United States, I place the principle of liberty as essential to everything that I do and aspire to. I am deeply committed to transforming our systems of justice and incarceration to support this core principle.

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Sustainability is essential at every level, starting with each of us as individuals and growing to encompass the whole that is our collective social organism, whether in the form of our country, our species, or our planet. Sustainability begins with the sustainability of our lives as individuals and expands to the sustainability of our homes, our communities, our economy, our nation, and beyond. I am committed to fostering sustainability at every level of our society in support of this core principle.

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To live in wellness is to go from surviving to thriving, whether as individuals, businesses, and communities or as a nation, species, and planet. The experience of wellness is holistic, encompassing our ever-increasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The experience of wellness is not just individual. Rather, wellness is a possibility for all life and all of America, including our economy, government, education, and culture. I am committed to fostering our individual and collective wellness by implementing far-reaching reforms in support of this core principle.

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To value humanity is to value human beings, both individually and collectively. By valuing humanity, we are valuing each other for what we are: human. The more we value our humanity, the more easily we evolve and thrive both as individuals and as a unified people. When we value humanity, we are valuing compassion, understanding, acceptance, cooperation, and unity. Valuing humanity in America means living in a society in which every individual and group is both respected and appreciated. I am committed to the valuing of humanity as a core principle, by implementing policies that place people over profit while honoring the fundamental human rights of every individual and community.

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Only truth can provide the foundation for our democratic society to not just function but flourish at every level. Without truth, the sharing of news, knowledge, and ideas becomes an echo-chamber of falsehood that offers only distractions and disputes. An awareness of truth is required to allow the participants of our democracy to make well-informed decisions. Truth entails transparency, the humble revealing of the evidence we have and the humble admission of the evidence we lack. I am committed to support the core principle of truth by ensuring the transparency of my Administration and by implementing policies that encourage transparency at every level of government, education, media, business, and beyond.

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We are offering America something new

We are offering America a transparent, collaborative process of policy-creation. Instead of facilitating back-room deals that benefit the few at the expense of the many, Brock Pierce is engaging in open, real-time, collaborative discussions with policy experts - and you're invited!

The Broadcast Era is coming to an end with the rise of the Collaborative Era. The era of politicians announcing to Americans what has been decided behind closed doors is over. Here and now, in the year 2020, America is ready to engage openly, honestly, and collaboratively in the process of creating the policies that effect us all. America is ready for real democracy.

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"You will learn what I learn as I learn it. Because no one has all the answers, we can collectively participate in the process and all be part of the conversation. From these conversations, truly democratic policies will be formed." - Brock Pierce


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