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The Supreme Court of the United States is one of our most influential national institutions, having the ultimate jurisdiction for laws that affect the lives of all Americans. The process through which my administration will appoint and nominate Supreme Court Justices and federal judges is based on the core values that have shaped our nation from its birth: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Those nominated for the Supreme Court will not only be eminently qualified for the position; they will also be individuals whose legal and professional careers demonstrate their commitment both to the Constitution and to all Americans.

No matter how deeply rooted, an injustice to some Americans is an injustice to all Americans. My administration will seek judges and justices who are both independent and impartial, people whose decisions are aligned with truth and a commitment to the betterment of humanity. To be truly effective, justices and judges must not only demonstrate a mastery of the law but also a record of integrity in their life, legal opinions, and rulings.

As America undergoes an inevitable process of transformation, it is imperative that our judiciary consists of well-balanced, independent judges who are committed to our wellness and freedoms. My administration will focus on the following essential qualities when selecting candidates for the Supreme Court, in addition to other federal courts:

  • Principled character and equanimous temperament
  • Personal commitment to supporting life, liberty, and happiness for all
  • A professional record demonstrating integrity, compassion, and fairness
  • Absence of bias, allowing for independence of thought, action, and ruling
  • Intellectual ability, allowing for well-reasoned decision-making
  • Mastery of the law complemented by practical awareness of its concrete effects on the lives of Americans

If multiple individuals meet the above qualifications and are both able and willing to serve as judge or justice, we acknowledge the value of having our judiciary reflect the diversity of our nation, inclusive of one’s sex and ethnicity, and intend to nominate accordingly.

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