• While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are replacing jobs and reshaping our world, America’s government remains inadequately educated, prepared, and informed.
  • Communities that lack Internet access are effectively disenfranchised in our current society and economy.
  • Companies have taken advantage of the lack of transparency in their technology platforms to profit from the manipulation of Americans.
  • Entrepreneurs and executives have not been required to follow ethical and moral guidelines while innovating their technology platforms.


  • We will ensure that America’s government is effectively educated in and able to govern current technologies for the benefit of all Americans.
  • We will use automation and AI to benefit all Americans.
  • We will ensure that suitable consumer devices and network access are provided to those who otherwise could not access the Internet.
  • We will ensure network neutrality and bar providers from blocking or slowing Internet content or offering “fast lanes”.
  • We will give Americans the right to opt out of non-essential, commercial uses of their data.
  • We will ensure that every American has legal ownership of their personal data and how it may be used.
  • We will support criminal liability for executives that oversee gross negligence through their business’s lack of compliance with data protection, privacy, and other laws or regulations that limit and prevent abuses of American citizens.
  • We will fund projects to greatly increase the development of tools that will solve our society’s challenges and encourage Americans to create positive social impact on a global scale.


To remain a global leader in innovation, our political representatives must not only be both aware and knowledgeable about technology but also be pioneers in the use of technology. Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are radically reshaping our economy and our world. While robots and machines have begun replacing jobs in a variety of industries and our military continues to develop and deploy drones and robots for warfare, our government remains inadequately educated, prepared, and informed of the effects of technology on society. For example, an analysis from Oxford University estimated that automation through technology will replace nearly 50% of jobs in the U.S. over the two decades.

In order to navigate the technological world we are living in as well as the world we will soon be living in, our government and leaders must be informed and knowledgeable about the workings of technology and the ways that radical innovations are reshaping our society. Instead of having leaders who are informed and knowledgeable, we are in a situation where career politicians with little to no knowledge of technology are making decisions about technology and tech policy that are able to cause substantial harm to our country and its people.

Cyber warfare and electronic warfare are potential threats to the security and well-being of every American. With nations like China, North Korea, and Russia engaging in cyber electronic warfare, our nation’s energy infrastructure, communications infrastructure, and financial systems are at risk. Geopolitical foes of the U.S. have shown their willingness to use asymmetric cyber warfare tactics, resulting in infiltration, disruption, and attempts to manipulate our elections, endangering our society and our freedoms.

Leading America into the 21st century, my administration will work to ensure that the changes technology is bringing about in our society benefit every American. We will increase and strengthen America’s cyber electronic security defenses in coordination with our key allies. We will improve our nation’s school system and government to help Americans be well versed in and make effective use of technology. Lastly, we will incentivize and promote the development of key technologies and solutions that allow us to thrive in the 21st century.

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