To Spring Vermont into the Future
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"I believe that the only path forward for our nation is unity. It is the only path to real progress. We need to have a long-term vision for what kind of jobs we want in the future, how do we want healthcare to be delivered and what changes to our energy policy need to be made to create a greener and cleaner  future for our children. I have the vision and experience to bring real change and unity for the future of Vermont."
- Brock
on the issues


Healthcare is not a privilege, it is a right, and we will ensure affordable and effective healthcare for all Americans.

The American healthcare system currently is centered around the production of drugs by large pharmaceutical companies for monetary gain. This has caused the over-prescription of opioids, excessive debt and ineffective care for those who need it most. Brock has experience providing wide-scale care in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, by creating alternative systems centered around patients, not the drug companies. This patient-centered vision is crucial for Vermont as wait times for patients continue to rise, the opioid epidemic rages and COVID-19 forces us to reimagine healthcare as a whole.

  • Invest in preventive and holistic care, beginning care before acute illness
  • Focus on preventative measures and non-emergency mental health support for all
  • Disincentivize pharmaceutical companies from marketing drugs to those that do not need them
  • Overcome the opioid epidemic by investment in multifaceted solutions including rehabilitation, alternative pain management methods, and combating social stigma

A Prosperous Vermont

Vermont’s rich history of farming, craft-good production and strong small businesses has formed the backbone of our economy for hundreds of years.

By harnessing his proven business experience, Brock is committed to bringing capital investment to Vermont to help preserve its rich history, while providing new economic opportunities across industries.

Brock believes economic growth and sustainable development go hand in hand. As an economic and technology advisor to world leaders and U.S. legislators, he has always considered the way financial opportunity could most efficiently benefit both our communities and the environment. The dynamism of our world requires someone who not only sees current opportunities for growth, but anticipates the emergence of new jobs. Brock is the visionary to lead Vermont to that future.

Creating Opportunity

The agricultural model at the heart of the Green Mountain State has the potential to produce thousands of new jobs, but must evolve to match our rapidly changing world. As a technology entrepreneur, Brock will work with farmers, local businesses and craft-goods producers to help integrate Vermont’s rich agriculture industry with the latest developments in technology. Brock is committed to democratizing internet access by bringing broadband and cellular coverage to the entire state.

These platforms can help farmers bring their produce efficiently to markets both locally and globally, and help local businesses sell their goods on a national scale. Brock’s vision will provide educational programs and training to help every person thrive and take advantage of these technological opportunities.

It is time for government and business leaders to take an active role in assuring technology helps to improve the lives of all Americans by bolstering opportunity.

Investing in Sustainability

Brock was raised in the great outdoors, from tapping maple trees to exploring the backwoods of Minnesota. Rooted in his family’s long history in Vermont, his parents passed on an appreciation for nature and belief that a positive interaction with local ecosystems is key to social and economic development. Brock has experienced firsthand how models in sustainability are entrenched in our culture and communities. Addressing the current environmental crisis requires an integrated approach for harnessing technological developments, Congressional collaboration, out of state collaboration and data-driven legislation.

Brock will work to build sustainable, green energy infrastructure in Vermont and America, utilizing his proven experience as a businessman and entrepreneur integrating sustainable technology and agriculture. Brock envisions Vermont as a beacon of sustainability and will work relentlessly to help us scale these models sustainably to benefit our planet both locally and globally.

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